WhatsApp, the most popular chatting service, will now let you add the new options of bold, italics and strikethrough to your everyday WhatsApp chat in its latest update.

For most people, those updates should automatically install, and come with version 2.12.17 for iPhones and 2.12.535 for Android handsets.

The new feature is hidden in the app, and needs to be turned on by including certain characters. Here’s how it works:

1. For bold, add asterisks to either side of your text, e.g. *bold*
2. For italics, add underscores to either side of the specific word or words, e.g. _italics_
3. For strikethrough, add a tilde (~) to either side of the word or words, e.g. ~strikethrough~

It’s also possible to can surround a word with all three of the characters and have each of the formatting options apply to a word, such as _*bolditalics*_.

These new styling can also be entered in the WhatsApp web client — which launched last year — but the formatting will only show up in the app-based version of chats.